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I was going to sleep.. but I saw this in [ profile] denisse4ever  LJ and couldn't resist... I love my iTunes XD

1. Open your iTunes
2. Click Shuffle
3. For every sentence, write the title of the song

Opening Credits:  Como te voy a olvidar by Los angeles azules

Waking Up: 
Miss You [Live] by Björk
Good energetic song... waking up with Björk screaming! XD  

First Day At School:
Joyful Smile by BoA
Very... happy high school dorama song ne?

Falling In Love:
I Remember You by YUI
I would say this is more like a good bye song than a falling in love song.. oh well..

Fight Song:
Love Rescue Me by U2
I don't think it fits.. cos I don't understand the meaning of all U2 song. This song is old, soulful?

Breaking Up: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing by Jack Johnson
Fits perfectly.. smooth song to break up with someone. Listen to the lyrics please!

Prom: Pon De Replay by Rihanna
Hahaha! Perfect for PARTY!!!!!

Life's Ok: 
Future by 嵐 (no need for a link.. you all know the song)
Ohhhhhhh full of energy! I LOVE it!

Mental Breakdown: Cherish by Madonna
O_o (I do love this song, one of my fav Madonna songs)

Flashback: What a girl wants by Christina Aguilera
Definitely  a flashback.. I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL, this song came out 9 years ago!!! XD Hahahaha... I still remember the lyrics! XD

Getting Back Together: Connected by Stereo Mc.s
Hahahaha I'm loving this thing! Nice title.. this song came out in 1994...14 years ago... I was just 12!!!! hahahaha!

Wedding: Stand By Me by Oasis 
GOD I LOVE THIS SONG! Not very wedding like.. but still GREAT LYRICS! Great video!

Amazing Hot Sex Porno Scene: 
Cucurrucucu Paloma by Caetano Veloso
Ok.. this is the first miss. BUT I'm taking this oportunity to talk about Pedro Almodovar (filmaker), this song is from one of his movies. He makes GREAT movies. Jhing, you like movies, you have to watch a Pedro Almodovar movie. I recommend you
All About My Mother (1999)

Birth of Child:
Be for You, Be for Me - anime song
hehehe from the anime Love Hina

Final Battle: 
Four Seasons by Amuro Namie

Second miss?

Death Scene:
Kevin Yost - Two Wrongs Making It Right
Very sofisticated death scene. Very NYC. Style and Fashion

Funeral Song:
I guess is a nice way to say good bye!

End Credits: 
Hoshi no Mienai Yoru by Aqua Timez
Buuu.. I haven't found the translation! But I like the song... I'm even seeing the credits.

I love my music! XD

Date: 2008-10-02 07:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow. You have quite a lot of different artists on your playlist.

Date: 2008-10-02 04:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
hehehe.. I know! I even have Finnish music! :D
I love to have music from different languages, countries and genres. I LOVE MUSIC! I can't live without it!

Date: 2008-10-03 10:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

I just have Korean, Japanese and Chinese music. Mostly Korean.

Date: 2008-10-04 04:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I should download korean music. I'm watching Stairway to heaven in I like the music. You have korean music in your LJ right? I'll download some this weekend! ^_^

Date: 2008-10-02 02:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Parece divertido!! Últimamente no he actualizado así que a lo mejor me animo a hacerlo (aunque la música de mi pc es muy monotemática xDDD)
Cuídate guapa!!

PD. Sigo pensando... (pero ya ves que es poco productivo, no se me ocurre nada xD)

Date: 2008-10-02 05:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Es divertido! Mi música no es nada monótona... tengo DE TODO! Pero en serio, tengo DE TODO tipo de música! Yo amo la música y me gusta tener música de todo el mundo y en todos los idiomas, siento que así conozco un poco más del lugar de donde es la música!

Yo también sigo pensando y sigo igual.... pero entonces se me ocurrió hacer un post en alguna de las comunidades de Arashi, para ve primero si a alguien le interesaría la comunidad (Claro yo quedaría como la fan más hentai pervertida, pero no importa XD) y de una vez pregunto que si alguien tiene alguna idea de algún nombre. Que te parece?

Date: 2008-10-02 06:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Si vas a quedar como la fan más pervertida, sería para pensarlo xDDD
La idea está bien, aunque si termino teniendo que escribir en inglés será horrible (yo lo intento pero no me "manejo" del todo bien con el idioma...), por eso había pensado que estaría bien hacer una comunidad en español (tengamos en cuenta que en inglés hay un montón!!); pero bueno que esas son cosas que había pensado yo sin contar con nadie, así que no es algo definitivo, claro ^^

Yo en el pc no tengo mucha cosa, pero en CD's tengo más variedad :D

Date: 2008-10-02 07:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Pues me parece q es una buena idea hacer una comunidad en español! Yo no tengo ningun problema, más fácil no? XD

Tal vez pongo un mensaje en el foro de Aibakaland en el topic de Arashi habla español y pongo el link del post en mi foro... a ver si alguien le interesa. Y ahi no me da tanta pena poner el mensaje por que casi q conozco a todas las chicas!

Uy yo tengo un monton de música.. tengo como 21,10 gigas de música en mi Mac XD

Date: 2008-10-04 11:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
jejeje es divertido y muy interesante ^^ Prom> Pon De Replay jeje :DD most of them fit very well, don't you think? if only One Love would have been the wedding song :D

i did this too some time ago but my results are in Finland >__< all i remember is the 13th answer was Laruku's Anata no Tame ni (LOL!! :D) and the Farewell song was Orenji no Taiyou by Hyde and Gackt.

Date: 2008-10-04 10:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yes! They fit perfectly! I laugh a lot when Pon De Replay came on cos is a party song, perfect for Prom XD

Ahhhh.. One love *sigh* lovely song!
Oh I don't have that song Orenji no Taiyou! Who's your favorite Japanese artist? I now Arashi is first but how about the second one?

Date: 2008-10-05 12:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
you should search Orenji no Taiyou! it's really beautiful. well i can't really say Arashi is my favorite. i love L'Arc~en~Ciel so much but my love for Arashi is so different :D so i can't choose my favorite but those are the most important bands for me!

btw, your avi.. that.. is the cutest thing i have EVER seen :D i almost screamed when i watched that episode (i couldn't scream because everyone was alreadly sleeping..). Aiba is driving me crazy. is it just my imagination or is he actually hotter and cuter day by day? show by show? :D maybe the heat of Japan has just melted my brain.

Date: 2008-10-05 04:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh.. L'Arc~en~Ciel is REALLY GOOD! I mean.. that is a real band. I love Arashi.. but most JE bands are fabricated, you know what I mean? They don't write there own song.. but that ok, I still love Arashi's music! But L'Arc~en~Ciel is a BAND.. they are artist, not entertainers or idols. They are real musicians! L'Arc~en~Ciel was one of the first Japanese bands I knew because of their song "the Fourth Avenue Café". I should download more music from them

About the icon... AIBA IS THE CUTEST THING EVER! If theres a episode you like, or a scan u really like I can make an icon for you! AIBA IS DRIVING US ALL CRAZY! I think he looks hotter now.. yes... he actually hotter and cuter day by day! show by show!

Date: 2008-10-05 05:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
yeah they are really good :D i would sell my soul to see them live again. i know what you mean, but i think it's great that some JE boys still write music themselves, like Nino and Jin Akanishi.. and lyrics too. and i think it's cool that many JE boys play different instruments. but yeah, back to Laruku.. i think these three years when L'arc is having a break will be boooring! but Arashi keeps me busy :D at least i have something that takes away all my money.

have you seen scans of the latest Popolo (November)? i think Aiba looks amaaazing in those pics >__< but you don't have to make me an icon if you are really busy! but if you are bored and you have nothing else to do.. :D

btw, did you see the latest Shukudai-kun..? that's what i mean about Aiba getting hotter day by day.. :DD

Date: 2008-10-06 01:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Nop, haven't seen the latest Popolo, i'll look it up! And then I'll make you an icon. I'm busy, but making Arashi graphics helps my stress to go away!

YES!! The latest Shukudai was AWESOME! And it already has subs, so I'm just going to watch it again! AIBA IS MEGA HOT IN HER!!!

*I'm melting right now, girl*

Date: 2008-10-06 09:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
i wish i had a scanner here.. or even a laptop :DD but it's. unbelievable really how good someone can look. good to hear that it helps you getting rid of stress!!

oh it has subs too?! oh Aiba. why is he teasing us? why oh why?

Date: 2008-10-06 06:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you can watch it with subs! COS IS REALLY GOOD! Aiba is EXTREMELY HOT IN HERE!

You know what I was thinking? There should be more Aiba stuff with subs! They are a lot of people who sub Sho's vids, Ohno's Vids and Jun's vids. Poor Aiba! And you know what I want to do? I want to try and make some subs! And release them on his birthday! Maybe some TSD vids. But I first need some one to translate them for me XD

Date: 2008-10-08 12:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
but even though i watch their shows without subs, i can understand something.. :D but not everything.

yeah you're right, there should be more. especially TSD videos :D but of course, there are so many videos of Aiba speaking English. i have seen him speaking English than anyone else in Arashi! so there is our advantage :D haha what a nice way to celebrate Christmas, release subbed Aiba videos. that would be a reaaaally nice present for Aiba's fans.<3

Date: 2008-10-11 05:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You're studying Japanese right now? Did you study japanese before? If you understand something watching tv.. SUGOI!

How is a typical day in Japan for u?

Maybe I should ask someone to make a translation for an episode of TSD...

Date: 2008-10-12 12:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
my first Japanese lesson is next Thursday but i already had an interview in that place where i study. yeah i understand Japanese. i am always surprised how much i actually understand it, yesterday i was watching Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen and i understood it really well. they were showing Daigo's project with the penguine Penpen. it was so touching. and two days ago, i watched a show that had men proposing women! it was so touching too, i cried :DD hahah. maybe i really understand Japanese or i am just more sensitive than i thought.

a typical day in Japan.. if it's a work day, i wake up and sometimes make breakfast for kids, then i am with the baby for some hours, give him food and make him sleep and then i watch dramas on TV.. :D now they are showing Yamada Tarou monogatari so i enjoy it a lot. then i just play with the baby and maybe go out with him.. after the older kids come back from school, i may cook for them and then i am with the baby while the other kids are being washed.

if it's a day off, then.. i don't know. i go to Shibuya or Harajuku :DD i just watch people and go to music stores and take pics sometimes. i walk around those areas and Meguro as well. so i's not so glorious, my life here. ^^

Date: 2008-10-12 06:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Good luck on your class then! ^_^
Last Friday I had a really difficult test in Japanese! I hope I have a good grade!
TSD can be very touching! Then thing I don't like about the show is when they have wild animals in houses.. it's kind of sad cos animals aren't meant to be in houses.. but that's how the show is. The best part in the show is Aiba's segment! ^_^ He's so good with animals ne?

How many kids you have to take care of? how old is the baby? You should post a pic of you and the kids! ^_^

No so glorious? GIRL you're living my dream. You're living in Japan! Have you make any friends? Are Japanese friendly with foreign people?


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