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I was going to sleep.. but I saw this in [ profile] denisse4ever  LJ and couldn't resist... I love my iTunes XD

1. Open your iTunes
2. Click Shuffle
3. For every sentence, write the title of the song

Opening Credits:  Como te voy a olvidar by Los angeles azules

Waking Up: 
Miss You [Live] by Björk
Good energetic song... waking up with Björk screaming! XD  

First Day At School:
Joyful Smile by BoA
Very... happy high school dorama song ne?

Falling In Love:
I Remember You by YUI
I would say this is more like a good bye song than a falling in love song.. oh well..

Fight Song:
Love Rescue Me by U2
I don't think it fits.. cos I don't understand the meaning of all U2 song. This song is old, soulful?

Breaking Up: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing by Jack Johnson
Fits perfectly.. smooth song to break up with someone. Listen to the lyrics please!

Prom: Pon De Replay by Rihanna
Hahaha! Perfect for PARTY!!!!!

Life's Ok: 
Future by 嵐 (no need for a link.. you all know the song)
Ohhhhhhh full of energy! I LOVE it!

Mental Breakdown: Cherish by Madonna
O_o (I do love this song, one of my fav Madonna songs)

Flashback: What a girl wants by Christina Aguilera
Definitely  a flashback.. I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL, this song came out 9 years ago!!! XD Hahahaha... I still remember the lyrics! XD

Getting Back Together: Connected by Stereo Mc.s
Hahahaha I'm loving this thing! Nice title.. this song came out in 1994...14 years ago... I was just 12!!!! hahahaha!

Wedding: Stand By Me by Oasis 
GOD I LOVE THIS SONG! Not very wedding like.. but still GREAT LYRICS! Great video!

Amazing Hot Sex Porno Scene: 
Cucurrucucu Paloma by Caetano Veloso
Ok.. this is the first miss. BUT I'm taking this oportunity to talk about Pedro Almodovar (filmaker), this song is from one of his movies. He makes GREAT movies. Jhing, you like movies, you have to watch a Pedro Almodovar movie. I recommend you
All About My Mother (1999)

Birth of Child:
Be for You, Be for Me - anime song
hehehe from the anime Love Hina

Final Battle: 
Four Seasons by Amuro Namie

Second miss?

Death Scene:
Kevin Yost - Two Wrongs Making It Right
Very sofisticated death scene. Very NYC. Style and Fashion

Funeral Song:
I guess is a nice way to say good bye!

End Credits: 
Hoshi no Mienai Yoru by Aqua Timez
Buuu.. I haven't found the translation! But I like the song... I'm even seeing the credits.

I love my music! XD

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