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1. Open your music library.
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you’re cool...just type it in, man!

M.U.S.I.C. makes the people... come together... )
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Mediafire link: Stateless by U2

Lyrics this way... )
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I was going to sleep.. but I saw this in [ profile] denisse4ever  LJ and couldn't resist... I love my iTunes XD

1. Open your iTunes
2. Click Shuffle
3. For every sentence, write the title of the song

I love my music! XD

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New U2 album for 2009! God.. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

"It's been fun, it's been maddening... there have been injuries and recoveries, no babies born that I know of, but this one [album] is nearly ready for the new year of 2009.... I thought a while back we might have the album wrapped by now, but why come up above ground now if there's more priceless stuff to be found?"  That's what Bono said

I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE ALBUM TO COME OUT!!! And tour and videos, and interviews! God I love U2!!!!!

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I know I said I was going to be on hiatus, but I had to make this post.
A couple of days ago I downloaded the Tekkon Kinkreet OST... AND IT'S AMAZING! Have you guys seen the movie? It's really good! Love the colores and the graphics. Specially the graphics in the ocean. And I also found Nino's photoshot doing the cosplay for Kuro. Does ony one knows where I can get high quality scans of the photoshoot?

Here's the link for the Tekkon Kinkreet OST


Ok.. back to working on my thesis.. and listening to Tekkon Kinkreet OST
My next layout is sooo gonna be about Tekkon Kinkreet! Hehehe!... Oh I also order my tags.. they were a disaster, but now they are not! ^_^

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The shackles are undone
the bullets quit the gun
the heat thats in th
e sun
will keep us when theres none

the rule has been disproved
the stone it has been moved

the grain is now a groove
all debts are removed
oh cant you see what love has done )
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I got to be on stage with Bono, from U2.

I'm a huge U2 fan! I've been a fan of U2 for about 13 years now! In all those years my dream was to go to a U2 concert. Finally on November 13 of 2005 I got to go to a U2 concert in Miami in the Vertigo Tour.

I spend most of 2004 and 2005 saving money to go to the US for the concert. I even bought the ticket 10 months in advance in a pre-sale. I'm crazy about U2. I went with a friend of mine from the University! She's crazy about Bono... like me!

This is my friend Laura and me waiting in line! We're both wearing green t-shirts of course! I'm the one in the right, my t-shirts says "I love Irish Boys"

I hope to make a post about an Arashi concert one day!


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Could you imagine life without music? Scary...

I know there are people who don't listen to music a lot, but i just CAN'T imagine my life without music... You know, I think everyone has a soundtrack for their life. Mine has so many kinds of music. There are times when I only listen to Arashi and japanese music, and others where I just get HIGH U2 FEVER! And then i listen to a song that was release when I was in high school and I remember the person I was back then, amazing! I JUST LOVE MUSIC!

I would love to see what other people think. Anyone?

By the way... I'm obsessed about that's why I thought about this question. My
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So i got the inspiration from for this post here by
[ profile] i_heart_aiba 

She post some really cool finnish music... So I Wanna share some music in my language. Spanish

There are 14 songs! Hope someone enjoy this music because is really good music!
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